Glose’s Doug and Aaron speak on DIY band-life

Doug (bass) and Aaron (guitar / vocals) of Seattle noise rock 4-piece, Glose, drop by to discuss their new album, The Second Best of Glose.

Hear them break down the pros and cons of DIY band-life, who writes the riffs, and what may be in Glose’s future.


Low Dose’s Mike McGinnis reflects on what sets the band apart from members’ previous work

Tony Rocky Horror speaks with Mike McGinnis of Philly’s Low Dose.

Former members of Fight Amp and Legendary Divorce comprise fierce new band, Low Dose. Hear guitarist Mike McGinnis recall the arduous challenges the band was met with while recording their debut album, and reflect on what makes Low Dose unique from members’ previous bands.


60 Watts Top Releases of 2018

Thanks to the listening public, and underground musicians everywhere, for a great year of radio. Tony Rocky Horror presents, in no particular order, 20 of 60 Watts’ favorite album and EP releases of 2018.

Blue Youth — Dead Forever

Released via Grind Central Records // Listen:

Blue Youth unleash their debut full-length Dead Forever, an energetic fusion of noise rock and post-hardcore. Favorite track: Black Lung

Wrong — Feel Great

Released via Relapse Records // Listen:

Miami powerhouse Wrong are back with their punishing combo of noise rock and metal. Feel Great is both dynamic and heavyweight. Favorite track: Gape

KEN Mode — Loved

Released via Season of Mist // Listen:

KEN Mode drop their darkest album yet. Loved is essential 2018 noise rock. Favorite track: Doesn’t Feel Pain Like He Should

Bummer — Holy Terror

Released via Learning Curve Records // Listen:

Holy Terror is Kansas City noise rock trio Bummer‘s short, sweet, and brutal full length debut. Favorite track: HeXXX Games

Vein — Errorzone

Released via Closed Casket Activities // Listen:

5-piece Boston metalcore band Vein drops one of the more intense records you’ll find on this list, Errorzone. Listen for the occasional hint of early Deftones. Favorite track: Errorzone

Pretty Please — Fur Model

Released independently by Pretty Please // Listen:

Atlanta trio Pretty Please are the band responsible for one of 2018’s most underrated noise rock albums, Fur Model. Equal parts heavy and well-written. Favorite track: I’m Glad You’re Dead

Tongue Party — Looking for a Painful Death

Released via Learning Curve Records // Listen:

Minneapolis’ Tongue Party hold nothing back on their latest full-length. Fast, noisy, and catchy. Favorite track: Shit Dead

Hair Puller — Old Friend

Released via Accident Prone Records // Listen:

Portland noise-rockers Hair Puller come out swinging with Old Friend. All killer, no filler. Favorite track: 2000 Doubts

Exhalants — Exhalants

Released via Self Sabotage Records // Listen:

Austin, TX continues exporting some of the United States’ best noise rock, as Exhalants drop their first full-length. Slow-burning and layered, this record increases in appeal with each listen. Favorite track: Punishers

Save Face — Merci

Released via Epitaph // Listen:

Merci is one of 2018’s most pleasant surprises. New Jersey’s Save Face weave a compelling narrative through a spectacularly-composed alternative/emo lens. Favorite track: Jonesin’

Daughters — You Won’t Get What You Want

Released via Ipecac Recordings // Listen:

Daughters return with their first LP in upwards of a decade. You Won’t Get What You Want showcases their evolution as a band, and shows us what happens when a band chooses patience over rushing an album. Favorite track: The Lords Song

Gouge Away — Burnt Sugar

Released via Deathwish // Listen:

Gouge Away bring us a hardcore album that’s as honest and vulnerable as it is aggressive and furious. Favorite track: Slow Down

Drug Church — Cheer

Released via Pure Noise Records // Listen:

Cheer sees Drug Church push themselves up a level. Catchy punk from Berkeley. Favorite track: Unlicensed Guidance Counselor

Fucked and Bound — Suffrage

Released via Atomic Action Records // Listen:

From the Seattle underground, Fucked and Bound release their snarling debut full-length, Suffrage. Hardcore punk at its most raw. Favorite track: Dead Bop

Super Thief — Eating Alone in My Car

Released via Learning Curve Records // Listen:

Austin, TX noise punk 4-piece Super Thief are back with their follow-up to the 2017 album, Stuck. Favorite track: Gone Country

Converge — Beautiful Ruin

Released via Deathwish // Listen:

Converge drops four tracks from the recording sessions for the 2017 album, The Dusk in Us. The result is a concise EP that packs a major punch. Favorite track: Permanent Blue

The Armed — Only Love

Released via Throatruiner Records // Listen:

Only Love is a noisy wrecking-ball of an album. Detroit’s the Armed push boundaries and blaze their own trail. Favorite track: Ultraglass

Transient, Bastard Noise — Sources of Human Satisfaction

Released via Six Weeks // Listen:

Northwest grindcore act Transient collaborate with Bastard Noise to create one of the most crushing albums on the list. Favorite track: Cave Mouth

Zeta — Magia Infinita

Released via IFB Records // Listen:

Zeta from Venezuela release their long-awaited experimental punk masterpiece, Magia Infinita. Favorite track: Completar


Released via Shove Records // Listen:

Italian hardcore band STORM{O} pull no punches with ERE. Pure, unbridled energy. Favorite track: Attacco

Bummer discusses “Holy Terror”, and the value of spontaneity while writing

Tony Rocky Horror talks with Matt and Mike of Bummer from Kansas City.

The band discusses their forthcoming full length “Holy Terror”, and the value of spontaneity while writing.


Blacklisters vocalist Billy Mason Wood on humor in noise rock, and the advantages of recording live as a band

Tony Rocky Horror catches up with Billy Mason Wood of Leeds’ Blacklisters.

Hear them explore the importance of humor in noise rock and why the band intends on recording their next album live, before closing out with the title track from the 2017 Dart EP.


Whores. frontman Christian Lembach talks encores, song-writing, and the coming follow-up to the band’s debut album “Gold”

During their April tour stop in Seattle, Tony Rocky Horror caught up with Whores. frontman Christian Lembach.