60 Watts 030

Title Fight – Like a Ritual
Turnstile – I Don’t Wanna Be Blind
Wrong – Feel Great
Cherubs – We Buy Gold
Tongue Party – This Exists
Power-Take-Off – Sodbuster
Unsane – Out
Glassjaw – Shira
Metz – Eyes Peeled
Moaning – Don’t Go
Interview Segment Part 1 [Billy Mason Wood of Blacklisters]
Blacklisters – Dart
Idles – Heel / Heal
Gouge Away – Exhibit: Closed
Interview Segment Part 2 [Billy Mason Wood of Blacklisters]
Blacklisters – Priss
Tongue Party – Clocktower
Incendiary – Sabotage [Beastie Boys cover]

Cave In – Off to Ruin


60 Watts 030 [original air date June 11, 2018]

Bummer discusses “Holy Terror”, and the value of spontaneity while writing

Tony Rocky Horror talks with Matt and Mike of Bummer from Kansas City.

The band discusses their forthcoming full length “Holy Terror”, and the value of spontaneity while writing.



60 Watts 029

P****d Jeans – Worldwide Marine Asset Financial Analyst
Blacklisters – I Knock Myself Out
Wrong – Crawl Instead
The Ultimate Screamo Band – Ne Change Rien
Metz – Mess of Wires
Incendiary – Still Burning
P****d Jeans – It’s Your Knees
Power-Take-Off – True Lighters
Tongue Party – Is it Really That Good?
The Ultimate Screamo Band РUn Cri de D̩faite
Worse – Off
Helms Alee – Dodge the Lightning
Unsane – Committed
Turnstile – Generator
The Jesus Lizard – Boilermaker [classic of the week]
Drug Church – Ghost Dad
Basement – Every Single Word
P****d Jeans – Bathroom Laughter
This Routine is Hell – Gloom
Xetas – The Machine
Cave In – Screaming in Your Sleep

Glassjaw – Black Nurse


60 Watts 029 [original air date June 04, 2018]

60 Watts 028

Gouge Away – Dirt Nap
G.L.O.S.S. – We Live
The Blind Shake – Pollen
At the Drive-In – Arcarsenal [classic of the week]
Title Fight – 27
Wrong – Errordome
The Saddest Landscape – Downer [Nirvana cover]
Bummer – Freedom Cobra
Blacklisters – Mouthpeace
Cherubs – Sweetcase
Plaque Marks – Animal Pleasures
Wrong – Pustule
Converge – Eye of the Quarrel
The Ultimate Screamo Band – Combien
Glassjaw – Miracles in Inches
Cave In – Droned
Mutoid Man – Micro Aggression
Hawks – Dust Up
Unsane – Sick
Incendiary – No Purity
Helms Alee – Tumescence
Drug Church – Bagged
Casa Bonita – Dig Your Own Grave and Save


60 Watts 028 [original air date May 28, 2018]

Blacklisters vocalist Billy Mason Wood on humor in noise rock, and the advantages of recording live as a band

Tony Rocky Horror catches up with Billy Mason Wood of Leeds’ Blacklisters.

Hear them explore the importance of humor in noise rock and why the band intends on recording their next album live, before closing out with the title track from the 2017 Dart EP.



60 Watts 027

La Luna – Outdoor Voice
Cave In – Centered
The Ultimate Screamo Band – Thanatophobe
Drug Church – Aging Jerk
Super Thief – Dog Fart
Blacklisters – Clubfoot by Kasabian
Heads. – Wolves at the Door
Glassjaw – Stars
Animal Flag – I Can Hear You Laugh
Unsane – No Reprieve
Interview Segment Part 1 [Christian Lembach of Whores.]
Whores. – Charlie Chaplin Routine
Dealer – Solar Dominion
Mutoid Man – Scavengers
The Ultimate Screamo Band РEn Cons̩quence
Interview Segment Part 2 [Christian Lembach of Whores.]
Whores. – Baby Teeth
Wrong – Gape
Melvins – I Want to Hold Your Hand [Beatles cover]


60 Watts 027 [original air date May 21, 2018]

60 Watts 026

Cherubs – Crashing the Ride
F****d and Bound – My Love
Frail Hands – Intravenous
Super Thief – Ms. Wakefield
Bummer – King S***
Fight Amp – Happy Joyful Life
F****d and Bound – Terror
Heads. – Urges
Foxmoulder – Antrim
Fashion Week – I Know
Wrong – Culminate
Blacklisters – Swords
Incendiary – Awakening
Chelsea Wolfe – 16 Psyche
This Routine is Hell – Nostalgia
Cave In – Jupiter [classic of the week]
Vundabar – Big Funny
Blis – Stale Smoke
Creepoid – Dried Out
Frail Hands – Dissolution


60 Watts 026 [original air date May 14, 2018]

60 Watts 025

Melvins – You’ve Never Been Right
Unsane – Release
Wren – Arise
Glose – Sans Organs
Buildings – Night Cop
Botch – Mondrian Was a Liar [classic of the week]
King Woman – Deny
La Luna – Broken Heart Emoji
Dear Mister Manager – Stunning Tuxedos
Heads. – Smile
Dealer – Casino
F****d and Bound – Get Inside
Marriage + Cancer – Honour, on Our Knees
Bummer – Bad News
Whores. – Participation Trophy
Cherubs – Red Carpet Blues
Blacklisters – Shirts
G.L.O.S.S. – Out From the Desk


60 Watts 025 [original air date May 7, 2018]

Whores. frontman Christian Lembach talks encores, song-writing, and the coming follow-up to the band’s debut album “Gold”

During their April tour stop in Seattle, Tony Rocky Horror caught up with Whores. frontman Christian Lembach.



60 Watts 024

Super Thief – Sheepsquid
Incendiary – The Product is You
Whores. – Shower Time
Blacklisters – The Sadness of Axl Rose
Casa Bonita – Stringmachine
Marriage + Cancer – Six Feet + a Box
Converge – I Can Tell You About Pain
Metz – Kicking a Can of Worms
Sweet Cobra – He Tall He
Fight Amp – Dead is Dead
Fashion Week – So Last Season
P****d Jeans – Activia
Cave In – Cayman Tongue
Zozobra – Venom Hell
Cave In – The World Is in Your Way
Old Man Gloom – Simia Dei


60 Watts 024 [original air date April 30, 2018]