60 Watts 137

Heads. – Push You Out to Sea
Dealer – AM Gold
Unsane – Factory
Eye Flys – Predator and Prey
End – Covet Not
Wrong – Zero Cool
Buriedbutstillbreathing – Beating Heart
Nuvolascura – Pixel Vision Anxiety
Gaytheist – Dental Records
Rad Pitt – Are You Having a Path?
Binary – Nice Moleskin, You Can Write in That With Your Head Up Your A**?
.gif from god – Possible Futures in the Minds of Children
Easy Prey – Fail/Thrive
Glose – I’ve Got Nothing to Move You, Diamond
Muscle Beach – Clean Veins
Soul Glo – 27
Infant Island – Death Portrait
Ils – Whitemeat
Neil Perry – Nine Minutes of Non-Fiction
Hoover – New Five Drive
AMBR – Minuto y Medio de Silencio

60 Watts 137 [original air date June 29, 2020]

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