60 Watts 134

Eye Flys – Perception is Gamble
The Great Sabatini – The Pit and the Pendulum
AMBR – Días de Desidia
Joliette – California Yisus
Sofy Major – The Wanderer
Vein – A Crumpled Memo
Muscle Beach – Hair P**
Shiner – In the End
Dealer – Cake Walk
Easy Prey – Gasoline Mouth
Gaytheist – Dropping S** Loads of Truth Bombs Into a Swirling Pool of Knowledge
Infant Island – One Eyed
KEN Mode – Very Small Men
Umbra Vitae – Mantra of Madness
.gif from god – Kevin Fell Down the Lube Well…The Perfect Trap
Yellfire – 10 Years
Melvins – Night Goat
Serpent Column – Manure in Pearls
Neil Perry – Josh’s Dream Party: Beer, Girls, and a Computer
Ils – Bad Parts

60 Watts 134 [original air date June 8, 2020]

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