60 Watts 133

Metz – Drained Lake
Joliette – Martina, Merlina y Dale Con Martín
Muscle Beach – Midnight Math
Cave In – Moonlight Mile
Mahria – VII
Infant Island – Death Portrait
Yellfire – No Face No Smile
Pope – 6/11
Drug Church – Drunk Tank
Neil Perry – Looking Back on the Way You Want to Be in the Future
The Great Sabatini – The Widow’s Son
Glassjaw – Miracles in Inches
Gaytheist – Doing Great! Never Better!
Wrong – Culminate
.gif from god – When You Yell At Me, Make Sure It Hurts My Feelings
Umbra Vitae – Intimate Inferno
Shiner – Paul P Pogh
AMBR – Minuto y Medio de Silencio
Eye Flys – Nice Guy
Glose – Fistful of Slag

60 Watts 133 [original air date June 1, 2020]

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