60 Watts 114

Great Falls – And It Can’t Be Stopped
The Armed – Ultraglass
Car Bomb – Eyecide
Nerver – God Sat This One Out
Binary – In Your Eyes, a Cemetery Sunrise
.gif from god – Kevin Fell Down the Lube Well…The Perfect Trap
Cloud Rat – Delayed Grief // Farmhouse Red
Senza – Tunnel Vision II
F****d and Bound – A Wild Thing
Glose – I’ve Got Nothing to Move You, Diamond
Endorphins Lost – Shell
Frail Hands – A Third and Final Solstice
Muscle Beach – Clean Veins
Plaque Marks – Anxiety Driven Nervous Worship
Ils – Curse
Soul Glo – 23
Slund – Infected With Suckness
Buildings – Human Filter
PINKO – Road to Exile
The Jesus Lizard – Gladiator
Child Bite – Vexed Life
KEN Mode – Doesn’t Feel Pain Like He Should
Wrong – Crawl Instead

60 Watts 114 [original air date January 20, 2020]

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