60 Watts Top Releases of 2018

Thanks to the listening public, and underground musicians everywhere, for a great year of radio. Tony Rocky Horror presents, in no particular order, 20 of 60 Watts’ favorite album and EP releases of 2018.

Blue Youth — Dead Forever

Released via Grind Central Records // Listen:

Blue Youth unleash their debut full-length Dead Forever, an energetic fusion of noise rock and post-hardcore. Favorite track: Black Lung

Wrong — Feel Great

Released via Relapse Records // Listen:

Miami powerhouse Wrong are back with their punishing combo of noise rock and metal. Feel Great is both dynamic and heavyweight. Favorite track: Gape

KEN Mode — Loved

Released via Season of Mist // Listen:

KEN Mode drop their darkest album yet. Loved is essential 2018 noise rock. Favorite track: Doesn’t Feel Pain Like He Should

Bummer — Holy Terror

Released via Learning Curve Records // Listen:

Holy Terror is Kansas City noise rock trio Bummer‘s short, sweet, and brutal full length debut. Favorite track: HeXXX Games

Vein — Errorzone

Released via Closed Casket Activities // Listen:

5-piece Boston metalcore band Vein drops one of the more intense records you’ll find on this list, Errorzone. Listen for the occasional hint of early Deftones. Favorite track: Errorzone

Pretty Please — Fur Model

Released independently by Pretty Please // Listen:

Atlanta trio Pretty Please are the band responsible for one of 2018’s most underrated noise rock albums, Fur Model. Equal parts heavy and well-written. Favorite track: I’m Glad You’re Dead

Tongue Party — Looking for a Painful Death

Released via Learning Curve Records // Listen:

Minneapolis’ Tongue Party hold nothing back on their latest full-length. Fast, noisy, and catchy. Favorite track: Shit Dead

Hair Puller — Old Friend

Released via Accident Prone Records // Listen:

Portland noise-rockers Hair Puller come out swinging with Old Friend. All killer, no filler. Favorite track: 2000 Doubts

Exhalants — Exhalants

Released via Self Sabotage Records // Listen:

Austin, TX continues exporting some of the United States’ best noise rock, as Exhalants drop their first full-length. Slow-burning and layered, this record increases in appeal with each listen. Favorite track: Punishers

Save Face — Merci

Released via Epitaph // Listen:

Merci is one of 2018’s most pleasant surprises. New Jersey’s Save Face weave a compelling narrative through a spectacularly-composed alternative/emo lens. Favorite track: Jonesin’

Daughters — You Won’t Get What You Want

Released via Ipecac Recordings // Listen:

Daughters return with their first LP in upwards of a decade. You Won’t Get What You Want showcases their evolution as a band, and shows us what happens when a band chooses patience over rushing an album. Favorite track: The Lords Song

Gouge Away — Burnt Sugar

Released via Deathwish // Listen:

Gouge Away bring us a hardcore album that’s as honest and vulnerable as it is aggressive and furious. Favorite track: Slow Down

Drug Church — Cheer

Released via Pure Noise Records // Listen:

Cheer sees Drug Church push themselves up a level. Catchy punk from Berkeley. Favorite track: Unlicensed Guidance Counselor

Fucked and Bound — Suffrage

Released via Atomic Action Records // Listen:

From the Seattle underground, Fucked and Bound release their snarling debut full-length, Suffrage. Hardcore punk at its most raw. Favorite track: Dead Bop

Super Thief — Eating Alone in My Car

Released via Learning Curve Records // Listen:

Austin, TX noise punk 4-piece Super Thief are back with their follow-up to the 2017 album, Stuck. Favorite track: Gone Country

Converge — Beautiful Ruin

Released via Deathwish // Listen:

Converge drops four tracks from the recording sessions for the 2017 album, The Dusk in Us. The result is a concise EP that packs a major punch. Favorite track: Permanent Blue

The Armed — Only Love

Released via Throatruiner Records // Listen:

Only Love is a noisy wrecking-ball of an album. Detroit’s the Armed push boundaries and blaze their own trail. Favorite track: Ultraglass

Transient, Bastard Noise — Sources of Human Satisfaction

Released via Six Weeks // Listen:

Northwest grindcore act Transient collaborate with Bastard Noise to create one of the most crushing albums on the list. Favorite track: Cave Mouth

Zeta — Magia Infinita

Released via IFB Records // Listen:

Zeta from Venezuela release their long-awaited experimental punk masterpiece, Magia Infinita. Favorite track: Completar


Released via Shove Records // Listen:

Italian hardcore band STORM{O} pull no punches with ERE. Pure, unbridled energy. Favorite track: Attacco

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