60 Watts 029

P****d Jeans – Worldwide Marine Asset Financial Analyst
Blacklisters – I Knock Myself Out
Wrong – Crawl Instead
The Ultimate Screamo Band – Ne Change Rien
Metz – Mess of Wires
Incendiary – Still Burning
P****d Jeans – It’s Your Knees
Power-Take-Off – True Lighters
Tongue Party – Is it Really That Good?
The Ultimate Screamo Band РUn Cri de D̩faite
Worse – Off
Helms Alee – Dodge the Lightning
Unsane – Committed
Turnstile – Generator
The Jesus Lizard – Boilermaker [classic of the week]
Drug Church – Ghost Dad
Basement – Every Single Word
P****d Jeans – Bathroom Laughter
This Routine is Hell – Gloom
Xetas – The Machine
Cave In – Screaming in Your Sleep

Glassjaw – Black Nurse


60 Watts 029 [original air date June 04, 2018]

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