60 Watts 027

La Luna – Outdoor Voice
Cave In – Centered
The Ultimate Screamo Band – Thanatophobe
Drug Church – Aging Jerk
Super Thief – Dog Fart
Blacklisters – Clubfoot by Kasabian
Heads. – Wolves at the Door
Glassjaw – Stars
Animal Flag – I Can Hear You Laugh
Unsane – No Reprieve
Interview Segment Part 1 [Christian Lembach of Whores.]
Whores. – Charlie Chaplin Routine
Dealer – Solar Dominion
Mutoid Man – Scavengers
The Ultimate Screamo Band РEn Cons̩quence
Interview Segment Part 2 [Christian Lembach of Whores.]
Whores. – Baby Teeth
Wrong – Gape
Melvins – I Want to Hold Your Hand [Beatles cover]


60 Watts 027 [original air date May 21, 2018]

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