60 Watts 006

Whores. – Mental Illness As MAting Ritual
Blacklisters – I Knock Myself Out
Torche – Rock ‘n’ Roll Mantasy
At the Drive-In – Pendulum in a Peasant Dress
The Jesus Lizard – Then Comes Dudley [classic of the week]
Helms Alee – Bullygoat [Northwest Artist Highlight pt 1]
La Luna – Always Already
Whores. – I Am an Amateur at Everything
Chelsea Wolfe – 16 Psyche
Cherubs – Red Carpet Blues
Plaque Marks – Plaque Marks
Basement – Blinded Bye
Mutoid Man – Bandages
Converge – Eye of the Quarrel
Helms Alee – Dream Long [Northwest Artist Highlight pt 2]
Metz – Wait in Line
The Blind Shake – Parachute


60 Watts 006 [original air date December 18, 2017]

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